At the Nursery


First Days at Nursery

We expect new children to have some difficulties in parting from their parents on arrival at School, but gradually they become accepting of the situation and this will vary from child to child. Most children find it is comforting to have a set routine on arrival, so they know what is happening. We would like all parents to say good bye to their children before leaving, even if this upsets the child at the time, they can be comforted and can be reassured that their parents will be coming back for them later.

If the parent just goes without saying goodbye whilst the child is engrossed then they become more upset later when they realise their parents aren’t there and this can be very confusing for the child and prolongs the settling process.

Dropping off and collecting your child

The safety of your child whilst at school is of utmost importance. We have a key code door system to allow entry into School. Once your child has enrolled in nursery we will give you the code so you can enter the School. We ask that you only give the code to the people collecting your child on a regular basis. No child will be allowed to leave other than with their parent or guardian unless we have prior notification. If you or the person leaving the child will not be collecting the child please notify a member of staff when you drop your child off. For extra security we have a password system in cases of emergency collection being required.

Our responsibility for your child begins when you hand them over to a member of staff at the School and ends when you or the designated person who is collecting for you meets the child for collection.

If you are delayed in collecting your child then you must telephone us to inform us as soon as possible, so that we can ensure that we have the necessary staff retained on duty to cover this emergency. If you cannot collect your child yourself and wish someone else to collect them on your behalf we must be notified beforehand. The person collecting should be someone already known to our staff. If this is not possible we will use our password system to ensure the child goes home with the authorised person.

shroomsIf we do not hear from you and you do not collect your child or arrange for collection at a later time or by someone else, within an hour of the arranged normal collection time, we will in the first instance try to contact either parent or emergency contact person to arrange collection. If we do not get a response, we will contact the duty social team for their advice on how to proceed from there. We will continue to care for the child until 6.15 pm or until alterative care or collection is arranged by the necessary authorities.

If there is any body that may not have contact or collect your child we must be notified of this. If someone arrives to collect your child when no previous arrangements have been made we will contact you first, and not allow the child to go until we have your authority. If late collection becomes a regular occurrence then extra charges will be come payable and we will have to review our care contract with you.

What to Bring to the Nursery

Your child and you will be shown where their peg and school bag is. You can take or leave your bag as you wish.

Your child will need to bring with them:

  • babyOutdoor coat and Wellingtons for outside play.
  • Sun hat and sun protection during the summer months
  • A pair of slippers or soft shoes.
  • A spare set of clothes. If your child is toilet training then several sets please.
  • A comforter item or dummy may be brought for sleep times and for any times of upset. ( dummies are discouraged from constant use) We would recommend you try to obtain two of the comfort item, just in case one is left behind at school and also to enable the item to be washed regularly for hygiene and health reasons.
  • Children may bring in a toy from home but they are expected to share this item or for it to be placed it in the home box. We cannot accept any responsibility for the toy.

Please named any items brought to School. Please ensure that no medication is left in your child’s bag.


Key code door system

For additional security of the School you will need the key code to enter the school. We ask that you only give this code out to the people collecting your child on a regular basis.

warning-triangleFor additional security of the School you will need the key code to enter the school. We ask that you only give this code out to the people collecting your child on a regular basis.

To enter School parents will need type in the code and pull the top handle down and pull the door towards you. To ensure security and prevent unauthorised access by anyone else please do not let anyone else into the School. To exit you will need to push the magnetic switch located to the left hand side on the inside of the door and pull the top handle down and push the door.

Any other visitors will have to ring the bell to gain entry.