Health and Wellbeing

Promoting Health

Health and Wellbeing

As a Nursery we feel it is important to promote health and wellbeing to the children, their families and our staff. We will do this by:

Providing a healthy balanced diet for the children, this will include at least 3 of the ‘5 a day’ recommend portions of fruit and vegetables per day. The children will be encouraged to try a variety of different foods and we will talk about healthy foods and why they are good for the children. We will not add salt or sugar to any foods.

carrots-432492_640Water will be available to drink at all times and the children will be encouraged to drink a reasonable amount of liquid whilst with us. Milk will be served at morning or afternoon snack, with the alternative of water being available. Children with milk intolerance or allergy will be offered dairy free alternatives.

We will talk with the children about their bodies and how they can keep healthy answering any questions they may have. Children will have opportunity and be encouraged to take part in physical play either indoors through music and movement sessions or outdoors during play time.

Activities or equipment will be adapted to allow for children to participate if they have a medical conditions or disability so that they take part in physical play and build upon skills, confidence, and help with the development of physical abilities.

Nappies and Toilet Training

We will supply nappies and wipes required, the cost of these is included in your fees.

Once your child is ready for toilet training we will work with you to ensure that this is a successful next stage of development. We have a guide which you may find useful. We would not recommend the use of trainer pants other than for travelling to and from School as these do tend to prolong the “training period”.